Extensions and Plugins

Recipe Tamer knows how to import recipes directly from many recipe sites. Using either the Browser Extension or the Bookmarklet, you can add a button to your browser to send a recipe directly to Recipe Tamer.

Note: you must be logged in to Recipe Tamer in your current browser session, or have checked the option to "remember" you when you last signed in.

Browser Extensions

The Recipe Tamer browser extension installs a toolbar button in your browser. Clicking the button sends whatever page you're on to Recipe Tamer to be imported as a recipe.

To get started, install the appropriate extension for your browser, then look for the Recipe Tamer icon Recipe Tamer logo on the browser toolbar. Go to the recipe you want to save and click the button.

Supported browsers (desktop versions only):


If there isn't an extension available for your browser, you can add a bookmarklet, which works in all browsers (including mobile).

Just drag the following button to your bookmark toolbar, or right-click it and choose the option to add it to your bookmarks:

Tame Recipe

If you're using a browser that doesn't have a bookmarks toolbar, go here for help getting the bookmark added.

To use the bookmarklet, go to the recipe you want to save and click the bookmarklet button (or open your bookmarks menu and select it). This will bring you to the Recipe Tamer site and import the recipe.

Help with using the Recipe Tamer bookmarklet

Other Ways to Import

You can also use the recipe importer or add by e-mail.

More information on importing recipes