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Serious about cooking?

Get serious about managing your recipes.

Or you don't have to be that serious. You could have fun with it.

Whip your recipes into shape with Recipe Tamer

All your recipes.

Bring together all your recipes from books, recipe cards, Web sites, scraps of paper, wherever.

Import recipes from Web sites, upload scans or photos of recipes, send them by e-mail, or type ’em in.

In one place.

No more trying to remember which cookbook a recipe was in, or which cooking site you favorited it on.

Keep notes, assign labels and ratings, track when you last made a recipe and for whom.

View your recipes within Recipe Tamer, no matter where they came from.


Recipe Tamer holds on to everything: text, pictures, attachments.

When you import a recipe from a Web page, we store the whole recipe. If the Web site goes away one day, you’ll still have the recipe.

But you’re not trapped in Recipe Tamer forever if you don’t want to be: you can export your recipes any time and take them elsewhere.


Collect recipes while you travel the Web

Go ahead and zoom in that picture. The little button is the Recipe Tamer browser plug-in, which lets you send recipes from Web sites straight to your recipe collection.

We’re not just talking bookmarking here: the recipe is saved in Recipe Tamer, so you can find it when you want it. Each recipe is added to your Recently Imported queue so you won’t forget that you wanted to make it.

Take all your recipes with you while you travel the real world

Whether you’re trying to plan a meal from the grocery store or cooking at the beach house, you’ll always have your recipes with you. Recipe Tamer is designed to work on any device.

One subscription covers all your devices—no need to pay for separate apps for desktop and different mobile devices.

Find recipes with ease

Search for any word in your recipes, including ingredients, instructions, and notes. If friends have shared their recipes with you, you can search those, too.

Filter recipes using labels, which you can use to tag recipes based on cuisine, meal type, main ingredient, dietary suitability, or anything else. Label recipes in whatever ways you want—you’re not forced into a rigid “folder” structure.

Search based on when you last made a recipe, to find forgotten favorites or figure out what you made for Sam’s birthday five years ago.

Negative features can be good! Easily exclude recipes that contain specific words or labels to rule out recipes that don’t match what you’re in the mood for (or your guests’ dietary requirements).

It’s easier than cooking from a book

Recipe Tamer makes it easy to cook from your recipe: click or tap the current step, and it’s highlighted and enlarged so you don’t have to keep searching for where you left off each time you turn around.

All steps remain visible so you can easily reread earlier steps or scan ahead to the next.

Tame your grocery shopping, too

The Shopping List feature lets you keep shopping lists for the grocery store or anywhere else.

Add ingredients to your shopping list directly from a recipe, with two clicks.

Take Recipe Tamer shopping with you and cross off items while you shop.

Keep good records

You can add a note each time you cook a recipe—no more sticky notes to lose! Keep track of anything:

  • Any adjustments you made to the recipe and how they turned out
  • Ideas for tweaks to make next time
  • Who your dinner guests were so you don’t make the same thing next time they come
  • What wine you paired with the meal

Plan your upcoming meals or just keep track of the recipes you want to try

Recipe Tamer lets you create as many queues as you want. A queue is a list that keeps recipes in order. New recipes get added at the end, and you can change the order any time by dragging recipes around.

Using queues you can:

  • Plan out your upcoming meals: pick out your recipes for the week and arrange them in the queue in the order you want to make them.
  • Keep track of recipes you’ve been wanting to make.
  • Ignore the ordering ability and just use them as a way to group recipes together. For example, create a queue called Thanksgiving to hold all the recipes you need for this year’s Thanksgiving feast.

Attach files to your recipes

You can attach as many files as you want to your recipes, including photos and documents.

  • Scan or photograph the original recipe from a cookbook if you don’t want to type all the information into Recipe Tamer
  • Keep an image of your cherished recipe from grandma, so you can still see her handwriting each time you make the recipe (without actually having to read her spidery scrawl)

Go see for yourself

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